Apps that are useful & educational

On this page there are a list of applications that we have installed on our iPod and iPad (some, if not all, are also available for the Android platform). We have found that in all cases they have aided both of our children to learn about the world around them, learn things about numbers, letters, language, animals and the world. They have also made a large amount of noise! Continue reading

Alfie: Perfect and he knows it!

Circle 21 a ‘think global, act local’ organisation that supports families who have children with Down Syndrome around the world, based in Toronto, and a bit like our PSDS, added a gorgeous image of this little chap, Alfie, to their Facebook timeline.

At the time of posting, the image had 91,082 likes and 3,057 comments, with 3,752 on Facebook, with, from what can be seen (many of the comments are in Scandinavian), not a single negative one!

Alfie, we salute you!

George Takei: Never let them tell you there’s a limit on what’s possible.

Today Mr Sulu of Star Trek, or as he is better known, George Takei, posted a picture from one of the sites that we link to

The sentiments of the image are exactly what we believe, follow and support. Thank goodness for friends, family and professionals who DO NOT think as this girl’s first teacher did.

“Never look at limitations.. Push the boundaries! Break free and fly!” attributed to Colette Pretorius on George’s comments for the image

At time of posting the image had 94,963 likes and 24,131 shares

Thank you George for making the situation more visible to your masses of ‘followers’. We salute you!